Freedman Gallery at the Albright College Center for the Arts

The Freedman Gallery and the Center for the Arts (CFA) at Albright College are pleased to present Susan Crile: Incarceration In the Era of Impending Fascism as part of our fall 2018 programming. This exhibition pairs together two collections by artist and educator Susan Crile: the Abu Ghraib series, drawn from photographs widely available online, and the Guantánamo and Black Sites series, inspired by the testimony of prisoners detained at Guantánamo Bay prison and other black sites across the world. A very special thank you to Susan for sharing her work with Albright College and the Reading, Berks County, Pa. communities. It is extremely important that artists and educators continue to draw attention to the inhumane treatment of prisoners of war across the world. This bold and challenging narrative and the bodies of work it encompasses, were particularly important to investigate during the CFA’s 2018-2019 season devoted to exploring the impact of the arts to effect change on issue of social justice.